What people are saying about Josh’s Counseling and Speaking Engagements!


Josh is insightful, thoughtful, and kind and creates an environment that fosters the exploration of many perspectives while keeping the “taking action” present. Josh balances intensity with grace to partner with people on the journey toward their desired outcomes. I love this guy. He is great at what he does.
— Bob Kunkle, Executive with EY
The impact you have had on our son is just wonderful. I appreciate all you do for him from encouraging him, to holding him accountable, to just listening. He likes and trusts you. I can only imagine how many others you have reached in a similar way.
— Thankful Parent
We really appreciate you being there. Your mentorship with him through the past year has been incredible. We look forward to continuing our relationship together.
— Thankful Family
Josh Neuer has been in the counseling/education field for close to two decades! Josh has a heart for children and families to get proper counsel and resources they need to thrive. He also works with groups to help them find their strengths. He on top of all that is a drummer, husband and father. His experience in life both personal and professional give insight and perspective on a range of issues that can benefit you, your child, family, or business. He comes with my highest recommendation!
— Chris Goldyn, Director of Youth and Vice President of SCEA
Thank you so much for meeting with her! She told me she felt much better after having spoken with you. Please continue to be a resource for her - believe me she will come to you when she needs you! I truly appreciate you looking out for little souls that have to face many things above their understanding.
— Thankful Family
“I felt overwhelming support and really appreciate your input.”
— L.C.
Josh is a wonderful counselor who makes it his intention to connect with clients and support them through whatever they are going through. He is very encouraging and committed to providing his clients with the most professional clinical services and support. He is eager to walk through life’s challenges with those he is counseling and to help them come to better functioning through his counseling techniques.
— Tate Strange, Licensed Professional Counselor
I hope you know how much we appreciate you and the impact you have made on our son. It is clear that he not only looks to you and respects you as a counselor, but also considers you a friend. You truly make a difference in his life!
— Thankful Parent
Josh is kind, empathetic, and fully present—but also an eminent professional, and knowledgeable in his field’s best practices. Highly recommend for counseling, coaching, and training.
— Nathan Robinson, Chief Program Officer
As a dad, I can’t thank you enough for helping my son; as a fellow professional, my confidence in referring others to you has only increased.
— Thankful Family
With your help we can see light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a train. You bless us more than you know and we’re so grateful to have you in our lives.
— Thankful Family
She REALLY enjoyed talking with you! I don’t know what you said or did, but she was like a new child when I picked her up from school! I believe getting some stuff off of her chest and knowing that you went through a similar experience helped her tremendously. I would love for her to continue to see you.
— Thankful Family
Josh is caring, sensitive, dedicated, smart, always focused in serving and helping others. He is a great speaker with a natural talent for making people feel appreciated. Josh is very professional in everything he does and the best counselor that I have ever met.
— Mauricio Garcia, Professional Educator
Thanks for all you did during that time.
We are so thankful to have that chapter behind us.
— Thankful Family
Wow, I feel so much better. I was really sad and went to see Mr. Josh and he helped me.
— C.M.
Thank you sooooo very much from a Mom with a grateful heart. This isn’t something he would have done a year ago. God used you and your gifts in a mighty way to help my son and I’m truly thankful.
— Thankful Family
Thank you for your kindness to our family. Thank you! Mom said it was WONDERFUL the way you responded to our son (and to her). Can we send all our kids (and us) to you?
— Thankful Family
Josh has such a kind and calming demeanor when working with people. My son always felt that Josh was open, fair, and knowledgeable. Josh is an educational pioneer and was an integral part of building a new school and developing a true mental health counseling program by working directly with students to support their growth and development.”
It is such a pleasure to get words of kindness, honesty, and advice from you. It’s also nice to have a listener. Sometimes I don’t even know I should share, but I feel compelled and safe to do so with you.
Josh is an incredibly knowledgeable counselor with an insatiable desire for learning to stay abreast of his field. Josh’s mindfulness and regard for people create a welcoming, warm environment.
— Travis Wharton, Founder of The Wharton Company, LLC
Josh, I cannot thank you enough for meeting with and supporting our family. This is uncharted waters for our family with where he is currently emotionally and mentally. We so appreciate your time with him.
— Thankful Parent
I’m so glad you’re here to listen to our kids. No matter how much parents want to protect, they really can’t. Bad things happen, things that will drastically alter the path they thought they would be walking. Providing a safe environment where children can share their sadness is the best thing you can do, and you do it well!
— Lynn B.
He just shares as he thinks of things! Great work! We are glad that we opened this line of support for him and for us.
— Thankful Parent
Josh’s wisdom and warmth have sent him to the top of my list of people whose counsel I highly value. His strengths in relationship-building create a safe environment in which to be vulnerable, and I always leave our conversations feeling encouraged and motivated.
— Sarah Davis, Professional Educator, Speaker
Josh shows a natural empathy and understanding that most counselors strive for. His care for his clients is obvious in all interactions.
— B.K.
So thankful he gets time with you today. I love that boy. And I love that he has a mentor in you.
— Thankful Family
Josh is warm, insightful, and has a deep understanding of the reality of team dynamics. He is also probably one of the greatest listeners I know.
You have been an incredible figure in our lives. Thank you for everything. We could not have done this without you!

Speaking Engagements

Thanks for the invite today to Josh’s presentation. It was AMAZING!
— State Farm Insurance
Wow. You have no idea how much I appreciate your wisdom and insight in our space! I have loved watching you take the lead in areas and process with us. We are a better team because of you!
— Founder and CEO
First I really want to say thank you so much for being in our office on Friday. What you brought to the table was wonderful and absolutely eye opening!
Thank you for making me aware of myself, my feelings and what I’ve been pushing down..and not dealing with. I realize I’ve always got one foot out the door. Very emotional for me.
You are appreciated!
— Corporate Training Team Member
Loved every minute!!
— Rhonda Knight Boyle, Certified Coach and Consultant
Thank you for touching my soul, with this masterpiece!
— Visha Bhayee, Psychologist
I wanted to say thanks for the invite to the presentation today, not at all what I expected, and was absolutely amazing!
— Homestead Funding Corp
I think he is exceptional at what he does. He has definitely found his calling, and his passion.
— Lisa M., Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Thank you for taking the time to address the parents today and sharing the critical and valued work you are doing. Thank you!!! Our family is grateful!
— Thankful Parent
Beautiful. Thank you for sharing Josh and your work is so important
— Justin Caffrey, 2019 Thought Leader
Josh led one of the best professional development meetings I’ve ever had the pleasure to participate in. He helped our learn to interpret body language, tone of voice, and verbal communication to connect with our students, colleagues, and others. He is a talented coordinator, observer, and health professional.
— Ken Morrill, Lead in Art, Design, and Technology
It was so helpful to learn from your experience and hear you talk about your field. You are clearly so passionate about what you do, and it is clear you have been called into this career!
— Audience Member
Thank you for sharing your wisdom and expertise with our parents. Your presentation was very informative and encouraging to everyone in attendance. You were the perfect piece to this event!
— Jennifer Foster, Principal
Thank you for making all of us aware of a very serious situation in our country and around the world. You gave valuable insight, tremendous depth in ways to help, and opened our minds to see how we can individually do more in this very serious arena of world-wide cultures.
— Dr. Wayne Norton, Founder/Executive Director, Hope for Your Day
I just wanted to say thank you for educating teachers and parents on self-care, boundaries and appreciation. You have made such a positive impact and I am so glad we have you as a resource.
— Lane C., Professional Educator
This is absolutely phenomenal. It breaks my heart when I think about all the kids and young adults who are made to believe they don’t have a voice. I love the fact that you’re not only shedding light on the issues but offering solutions and resources. Communication is critical. Thank you so much for advocating for youth and sharing your findings along with solutions.
— Stephanie Hall, Career Coach
Your help and insight in helping us with your presentation and grouping was invaluable for our team.
— Professional Development Lead
Josh has been an instrumental part of designing the program and leading. Josh has remained a trusted colleague and one that I call upon to refine the Benjamin Franklin Experience in our devotion to the continuous improvement of the organization.
— Jonathan Shanin, Founder of AidJoy and the Benjamin Franklin Experience
Powerful and profound Josh Neuer... thank you! There is indeed a powerful truth in the words you give here. I appreciate the imprint it pressed upon me.
— Jacqueline F., Writer
You’re doing great things and I still don’t know how we functioned without having you around.
— Head of School
You have a special gifting in working with families. You are warm, encouraging, wise and kind. Our family is so thankful to know you!
— Audience Member
I love the “self-care” initiative you lead.
— Audience Member
I can tell you worked hard and as a person who hates professional development, I want to let you know that the content, delivery and pacing were on point! I am re-challenged to be aware of what I am saying in student and staff interactions. I appreciate what you have done and are doing for our students and staff. Thank you for working with our team.
— Certified School Counselor
Josh is a thorough professional. He knows about his work and is easy going, comfortable to talk with and has in-depth knowledge of his profession.
— V.P.
You have been sent by the Lord to do these things with our students, families and staff: strengthen, encourage them in their faith, and keep them from being shaken by the troubles they are going through. What a tremendous blessing!
— Head of School
We are so fortunate to have you on campus. Thanks for your willingness to teach, listen, and guide.
— Audience Member
You have a special gifting in working with the students. You are warm, encouraging, wise and kind. Our family is so thankful to know you.
— Thankful Family
Wonderful information & food for thought Josh Neuer, LPC
Thank you & I wish all teachers were as community minded as you are...the state of our schools & student’s mental health would be far more on track if they were
— Georgina Playstead, Author
Super helpful, Josh! Thank you for being so generous with your expertise. Super helpful and super relevant!
— Jackie Matthews, M.Ed. President, The Empowered Classroom, LLC
Josh uses his expertise and empathy to fully engage every member of the team, and his strength of maximizing ensures that every detail is thought through. I love that he emphasizes self care - an area many of us struggle to prioritize well. I have no doubt that our team is stronger because of Josh’s influence, and I hope we can get him back sometime this year for another session!
— Sarah Davis, Department Chair | Speaker
Josh....Appreciated.....Amazing.......Good job......I salute to you......with highest regards
— Dr. Chintan Bhavsar, Reseach Fellowship
He is uniquely gifted to be brilliant at what he does.
— S.S.
Josh is a natural counselor in that his talents overflow meaningfully into our relationship. He’s incredibly reflective, mindful and learned in the field of counseling. I honestly cannot imagine someone being more well-suited for this work.
— Travis Wharton, Founder of The Wharton Company, LLC
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