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I am thankful for the opportunity to come alongside people in their journey and meet them right where they are. We can go the road together. I love what I do and look forward to meeting you!
— Josh Neuer, LPC

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Have you ever felt stuck, alone, or greatly in need? In life, I believe we are built for community and we are better together. Counseling can be an incredible partnership helping each client on their journey through life's most difficult places. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I enjoy the work I do with individuals, couples and families throughout many seasons of their lives. I believe a qualified counselor is one that strives to be approachable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. I also believe each individual's story is important and absolutely worth sharing.

When I meet with clients I let each individual or couple know that this is a safe place to share openly. We work together on life's greatest challenges including, but not limited to anxiety, relationship issues, parenting, divorce, depression, grief and loss, school issues, and working together to see clearly and build a healthy life. There is always hope!

I began my career as a certified educator with over 10 years of teaching experience. My journey then continued with obtaining my masters degree in Professional Counseling and completing the post-graduate clinical training. I absolutely love the work I do!

Over the course of my career in schools and educational settings, I have worked closely with families and communities. I specialize in life adjustments, grief and loss, pre-marriage/marriage and family, parenting support, anxiety and depression, peer and school issues, divorce, fatherlessness and men’s issues, adoption and self-care. In my work with teens, young adults, adults and couples of all ages it's common to take 15 minutes over the phone to assist with any questions you may have. To learn more about the services provided and to share your story call today. Thank You and I look forward to hearing from you.

-Josh Neuer, LPC


Josh has been recognized as a Global Goodwill Ambassador and is passionate about empowering change in communities. He is the founder of Joshua Neuer. LLC, a counseling and consulting business. He is a committed husband and father, and is absolutely crazy about relationships!


Individual Counseling

Each individual has a story to share.  Individual Counseling allows the client to partner with the Licensed Professional Counselor, resulting in an approachable, knowledgeable and trustworthy relationship that takes the client to a place they simply would not have reached alone. 

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Adolescents and Young Adults

There's no question the youth are navigating current trends in ways generations prior simply didn't with the accessibility of the Smartphone, social media, and the greatest accessibility of information in our history. With this impact comes great responsibility, teaching, and the importance of something bigger than yourself driving your life.

Josh is a wonderful counselor who makes it his intention to connect with clients and support them through whatever they are going through. He is very encouraging and committed to providing his clients with the most professional clinical services and support. He is eager to walk through life’s challenges with those he is counseling and to help them come to better functioning through his counseling techniques.
Thank you sooooo very much from a Mom with a grateful heart. This isn’t something he would have done a year ago. God used you and your gifts in a mighty way to help my son and I’m truly thankful.
— Thankful Family

College Aged Adults

College can be a significantly difficult time during a young adult's life with living away from home for the first time, added academic stress, and other life changes. This can also be an incredibly rewarding time in a college aged student's life.

The impact you have had on our son is just wonderful. I appreciate all you do for him from encouraging him, to holding him accountable, to just listening. He likes and trusts you. I can only imagine how many others you have reached in a similar way.
— Thankful Family

Couples and Family Counseling

When couples and families are strong everyone benefits. This increases value in the Greenville community and creates a wave of change with effects felt throughout the nation and the world. Families can benefit from a healthy and professional third party perspective to support them through pre-marriage and marriage counseling, parenting, family patterns and other family related needs.  In working closely with families for over fifteen years I have learned first hand the benefits of counseling and the importance of family in the community. You and your family's health is an investment for generations to come.

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Josh is insightful, thoughtful, and kind and creates an environment that fosters the exploration of many perspectives while keeping the “taking action” present. Josh balances intensity with grace to partner with people on the journey toward their desired outcomes. I love this guy. He is great at what he does.
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Josh Neuer is a Licensed Professional Counselor who speaks worldwide about how individuals, families, schools and businesses, small and large, can rewrite their story and literally change the world with lasting results!  Josh is passionate about empowering change in communities and team cultures. He is the founder of Joshua Neuer, LLC, a counseling and consulting business; a certified educator, husband, father, and is absolutely crazy about relationships.

Thanks for the invite today to Josh’s presentation. It was AMAZING!
— State Farm Insurance
I wanted to say thanks for the invite to the presentation today, not at all what I expected, and was absolutely amazing!
— Homestead Funding Corp

Upcoming Speaking Engagements!


Kids These Days: Trends and the Heart This is a school event open to all MRCA stakeholders. The date has been moved to 10/14/19.

Topics include current trends and those on the horizon with a connection to the heart. In addition to an open Q & A Josh will be looking at social media/digital trends, perfectionism, lack of margin/need for self-care and family time, talking openly and healthy emotional connections.


Grief can be a very complicated topic as it comes in many forms and involves pain. Rumi once said, "The cure for pain is in the pain." This session will allow us to look at different types of grief from the loss of a loved one to death to empty nesting and retirement. We will address what it looks like to take the time and actually grieve and to grieve well. While we are death-obsessed we are also a grief-avoidant society. Our journey to personal wellness requires us to work through and not around grief. Working through the grieving process can not only bring about personal healing, but also gifts we never knew we had to offer to others. We are not stuck. We are living in the new normal.


There is no doubt a growing trend in self-care. Not only is self-care vital to prevent burnout in the workplace it also helps manage stress and promote healthy relationships! Josh Neuer is a Licensed Professional Counselor who works with clients in private practice and also organizations around the world helping to make self-care an investment for themselves and others. In this session you will receive support, resources, and a plan to make self-care our priority for ourselves and others.


Local Legends: Improv Comedy Inspired by Josh Neuer, Licensed Professional Counselor.  

Local Legends is the Alchemy Comedy Theater's flagship weekly improv show. Every Friday night a different local legend (person of note) tells their own local legends (personal stories) to inspire this fully improvised show. 

The Alchemy Comedy Theater runs shows every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night at 7:30pm and 9:00pm in Greenville’s iconic Coffee Underground theater. Street parking is available as well as several nearby parking garages  

Josh is caring, sensitive, dedicated, smart, always focused in serving and helping others. He is a great speaker with a natural talent for making people feel appreciated. Josh is very professional in everything he does and the best counselor that I have ever met.

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