Why Give? Because Influence Can Effect an Individual and Change a Community!

It was the summer of my Sophomore year in college.  I was coming off tour with my band, grieving the loss of my mother's death and reading an email about acceptance into a new class next semester.  The class was called Caregivers At Risk and this was a season that I needed care.  I didn't know how I was offered this class, but it was free, so I gladly accepted!  This was an invitation to be an active part of a group facilitated by psychologist, Dr. David Scolforo.  We met weekly and took a deep dive into learning about ourselves and others.  The group was a safe place to explore the need to respect ourselves and others, set appropriate boundaries, recognize our own limits, and in doing so prevent professional burnout.  

Over a decade later I had the opportunity to lead groups very similar to this with teens, college aged students, adults, couples, families, and organizations.  I had no idea the profound impact this small class would have on my life years later.  It hit me the day I wrote this note to my former college professor 15 years later, the year of his retirement. 

Getting involved often leads to giving back. 

How Have You Been Influenced?

Here are a Few Ways to Give and Create Change in Your Community:

-Identify how to contribute toward others based upon current needs and your personal mission.

-Engage in your life's work!  According to Gallup*, people engaged in their careers are 20-30% more likely to give back to their community!

-Share with others your passions and interests and ask people to connect you with similar groups and causes.

-Opt into a community group or event.  Even if you start small, start now.

We Give because our influence can effect an individual momentarily and a community for generations to come.  


Rath, T., & Harter, J. K. (2010). Well-being: The five essential elements. New York, N.Y.: Gallup.


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Josh Neuer is a Licensed Professional Counselor who speaks worldwide about how individuals, families, and businesses can rewrite their story and ignite tangible and lasting results.  Josh is passionate about empowering change in communities. He is the founder of Joshua Neuer, LLC, a counseling and consulting business; a certified educator, husband, father, and is absolutely crazy about relationships. To learn more or see a list of services provided visit JoshNeuer.com.

Josh Neuer