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Thanks for the invite today to Josh’s presentation. It was AMAZING!
— State Farm Insurance

Speaking Engagements and Professional Training

Josh Neuer is a Licensed Professional Counselor who speaks worldwide about how individuals, families, and businesses can rewrite their story and ignite tangible and lasting results.  Josh is passionate about empowering change in communities. He is the founder of Joshua Neuer, LLC, a counseling and consulting business; a certified educator, husband, father, and is absolutely crazy about relationships. For more information or booking purposes visit

Ask yourself: What does our team and organization need right now?

I wanted to say thanks for the invite to the presentation today, not at all what I expected, and was absolutely amazing!
— Homestead Funding Corp

Consulting with Josh

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, certified educator, author and consultant and I work closely with individuals, families, and groups.  When working with organizations the kinds of things that fascinate me are group dynamics, understanding people and personality through platforms like the Clifton Strengths (Strengthsfinder) and using the verbal and non-verbal tools to understand what people are saying.  It's not magic, it's all part of the communication in understanding what people want.  I'm personable and interested in the work you are doing.  If you decide working with me would be helpful for your team please let me know and we can set up a phone call. 

Loved every minute!!
— Rhonda Knight Boyle

Professional Development

How would you like to boost engagement and company morale?

Josh is Gallup trained and has worked alongside hundreds of Clients throughout the world including individuals, couples and diverse organizations to help groups discover, understand and apply their talents and develop individual and team Strengths. Josh has over 15 years of experience and will work tirelessly to make this experience absolutely incredible with lasting results like none other. This experience provides each team the data, resources and understanding necessary to turn unrecognized talents into strengths.  Teams are provided with a full report of individual talents and the coaching necessary to turn capable individuals into a savvy well-rounded team.

Our time together will include masterful professional development that makes a personal connection to your team, leading to increased personal awareness, active engagement and growth and team building that will keep people talking.  This experience will be personally tailored to your Team with immense preparation, producing incredible results, valuable resources and lasting impact.

First I really want to say thank you so much for being in our office on Friday. What you brought to the table was wonderful and absolutely eye opening!
Thank you for making me aware of myself, my feelings and what I’ve been pushing down..and not dealing with. I realize I’ve always got one foot out the door. Very emotional for me.
You are appreciated!
— Corporate Team Member

Schools, Churches, and Youth Advocates

Josh has worked closely alongside youth for over 18 years contributing to schools as an educator and is passionate about the individuals that empower youth.  Various topics are taught to staff including social and emotional learning, perfectionism, anxiety and panic disorder, depression and loneliness, self-harm and suicide prevention, sexting and reporting, bullying and assertiveness, family systems, and self-advocacy.  Schools are wise to invest in their teachers as they are typically the first responders to student and family needs.  Administrators, teachers, and pastors wear many hats and they are simply not equipped to deal with student and family needs alone.  Josh can help identify needs relevant to the current culture, help recognize the signs to look for in the classroom or youth center including isolation, days out of school, signs of abuse, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, and more.  Let Josh lead your team in learning by creating a working plan with current on-site staff and available community resources.  Empower your leaders and advocates to know what to look for and where to find help.

Josh is warm, insightful, and has a deep understanding of the reality of team dynamics. He is also probably one of the greatest listeners I know.
— Julie Wilson, Founder and Executive Director, Institute for the Future of Learning

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Josh uses his expertise and empathy to fully engage every member of the team, and his strength of maximizing ensures that every detail is thought through. I love that he emphasizes self care - an area many of us struggle to prioritize well. I have no doubt that our team is stronger because of Josh’s influence, and I hope we can get him back sometime this year for another session!
— Sarah Davis, Department Chair | Speaker